Draw Something Review for Kindle Fire

Draw Something Review

Why can’t you financially-challenged Fandroids go anywhere on the internet without preaching to people about how much you hate Apple? Does Google really need your help that badly? Do you see no irony in the fact that you berate Apple users for supposedly never shutting up about their products, when in reality it’s the Fandroids who never shut up about theirs?
Firstly, it’s pathetic, and secondly, you are wrong. What would you people know anyway? I’m a qualified SysAdmin with 8 years experience, and iOS is far superior. Comparing iOS and Android is like comparing Apples and… turds. Seriously, it’s not even close. You’ll find that most IT people are actually fairly pro-Apple because we’ve had to make extensive, first-hand use of all their stuff, and that of the competition. We’ve used everything, and as a result we can make proper, informed comparisons. You will find that 99% of the time, the most vocal Apple-haters are generally mindless consumers who read somewhere on the internet that Apple was bad, and decided that was their opinion.
Speaking as someone who actually possesses the necessary knowledge to do so, Android is like a beta-version iPhone, and calling it beta is being very generous. It’s woefully unfinished. Terrible interface, half-assed apps, consistently awful battery life, a Store nobody cares about loaded with useless apps and malware, much less developer support… There is iOS, then there is Windows Phone 7, and only if you can’t afford one of the other two, there is Android. But it should be your last choice, because it’s basically a disaster.
And whatever about arguing the merits of Android phones, don’t even bother talking about tablets. If someone tries to tell you there are alternatives to the iPad, laugh in their face, because they are delusional. Nothing comes anywhere close. The only reason to buy an Android anything is if you can’t afford the proper Apple version and have to settle for a third-rate knock-off.

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