10.1-inch Kindle Fire tablet Amazon by Q3 2012

Just one tablet which has really presented a threat to Apple’s iPad is actually Amazon's Kindle Fire and yes it had created a significant dent on Apple’s marketplace share. Many discussions which have been floating around are actually speculating that due to the fact Apple continues to be losing its market to the 7-inch tablet from Amazon . com, they are introducing the iPad mini that approximately measures between 7 in order to 8-inch. Having said that, it seems that Amazon just isn't the one to sit on their own success and is also as an alternative looking to introduction a 10. 1-inch tablet that will straight compete with Apple’s apple ipad, an investigation by Digitimes reports.

According to the document, “The most recent market rumors indicate which Amazon is likely to introduction a 10. 1-inch Kindle Fire inside the third quarter, whilst tentatively suspending the introduction of a speculated 8. 9-inch design. ” The website reports that industry resources have informed them that this particular move by Amazon is to streamline their own line-up as well as straight compete with the Ipad and the Galaxy Be aware tablets. The document concludes by stating, “Tablet PC orders from Amazon are required to start gaining momentum at the conclusion of the second one fourth or in early 3rd quarter, said the resources. Such as shipments of an entry-level as well as an advanced 7-inch Kindle Fireplace tablet, Amazon is actually expected to ship 30-40 zillion tablet PCs in 2012, the resources estimated. ”

A 10.1-inch Amazon Kindle Fire will be soon?

This kind of projected introduction date to the rumoured 10. 1-inch Amazon tablet coincides using the date that Apple is actually expected to introduction iPad mini, which is expected to become the tablet that will assist the Cupertino-based company to totally dominate the tablet marketplace. Apple is actually expected to selling price the iPad mini at approximately $200 to $250; this kind of appears that Apple aims to selling price it aggressively, to ensure that no other tablet can find a way to compete with them. From previous reports, the iPad mini is actually rumoured to possess a Retina Display as well as specifications just like their own 9. 7-inch pill. Having said that, to keep the cost low, the brand will introduction it with a storage capacity of 8GB.

Comment to let's us know your reactions to Amazon introducing a 10. 1-inch Kindle Fire as well as what's do you think this larger tablet will find a way to cannibalize Apple’s market just how their own 7-inch slate did previously

Kindle Fire cost to $150 USD ?

You can now have a Kindle eReader just with a selling price of $79 and you have to view the advertisings quite frequently. As well as what you are actually reading at the moment does work simply because Amazon will now be selling the Kindle EReaders at the cheapest selling price and you also need to get the advertisings like display screen saver on the gadget. The designs that are with ad 100 % free will cost you $30 over the fresh new offered device.

The Kindle eReader are offered at a $30 lower price only for putting the ads on the screensaver of the  eReader, the Kindle Fire tablet might also have the same offer in the near future ?
by Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, Sunday 2012/05/20
Until now there vary offers proposed by Amazon with their Kindle collection of devices however for at first chance they have announced any kind of plan that is about the advertisings. This kind of offer could further more get launched inside the Kindle Fire their own 7 inch tablet having said that there's certainly not been official affirmation until now.

Reported by an AdAge record the Amazon is courting advertisers as well as seeking approximately $600, 000 or more for advertisements that could run for around some time span of 2 several weeks. Amazon hasn't mentioned anything concerning this topic. But in case we think that the same plan also applies the Kindle Fire pills than Kindle fire tablets will be offered with a cheap too. Viewing advertisements won't be problems for the consumers, who wish a tablet with a lower selling price.

The advertisements will be of much concern for the consumers as they can look just because the display screen savers they'll not prevent any kind of application that the end user expects to run. Therefore the users can have the full advantage of the applications as well as that will also provide an opportunity to have the tablet for a lower selling price.

As well as that there's an option to the users to disable the advertisements just by spending an amount of $30. Therefore the consumers won't have to view the advertisements if they don’t would like. Just in case this kind of offer can also be launched on the Kindle Fire then we can easily guess it will certainly attract many consumers too.

Angry Birds devs reveal next game: Amazing Alex

Hot on the heels of its big franchise's 1 billionth download, Angry Birds developer Rovio is introducing its next title: "Amazing Alex." Rovio head Mikael Hed told Finnish television about the game, revealing it to be based on the recently acquired "Casey's Contraptions" property, previously owned by Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut.
The only information about Amazing Alex thus far identifies it as part education tool, part game, featuring a boy named – you guessed it – Alex, "who loves to build." If we're going by what we've seen in Casey's Contraptions, Amazing Alex will create Rube Goldberg-esque machines to complete a variety of objectives. Take a look for yourself (at Casey's Contraptions) just below the break.

Hed told the Finnish station that "quality pressure is high" internally for Rovio's next project, especially in light of recent Angry Birds milestones. "We want to maintain the high standard Angry Birds fans have come to enjoy." Platforms and a release date for Amazing Alex are currently unknown.

[Image above is of Casey's Contraptions, not Amazing Alex.]


Amazing Alex for Kindle Fire

How is Amazing Alex for Amazon Kindle Fire ?

Rovio Entertainment, known for its intense focus on one mega-successful game title, Angry Birds, is looking to diversify with another new mobile game called Amazing Alex.
The title is a rebranding of Casey's Contraptions, which Rovio bought from developers Noel Llopis and Miguel A. Friginal earlier this month. Rovio CEO Mikael Hed told Finnish TV station Yle that the latest game "has an educational element and centers on the main character Alex, a curious young boy who loves to build things." The title is expected to be released within the next two months.

As the video below demonstrates, Casey's Contraptions is another physics-based game along the lines of Angry Birds. The game features Rube Goldberg-type contraptions that are made from items like balloons, soccer balls, scissors and buckets.
Rovio announced the billionth download of Angry Birds last week. The company, which released the game in 2009, offers four different versions of the game -- Angry Birds Space is the latest. In addition, Rovio is working on a movie, TV show and theme park based on the property.
[More from Mashable: Zynga Launches Its First Arcade Game: Bubble Safari]
What do you think? Can Rovio be known for something beyond Angry Birds? Sound off in the comments.

 Source from Mashable.

See more at Amazing Alex for Kindle Fire

Sail the Google Play and Kindle Fire With Spirit of Wandering – The Legend from G5

For Immediate Release
San Francisco, California – May 4, 2012 – Leading casual games publisher G5 Entertainment today announced that a gripping hidden object adventure, Spirit of Wandering – The Legend, is now available for free download on Google Play and Kindle Fire.
Spirit of Wandering – The Legend is a fairytale adventure game about female pirate captain who has lost her beloved husband and crew when her ship, the Spirit of Wandering, was attacked by the infamous ghost ship the Flying Dutchman. Sail the seas with a pirate captain in search of her lost love in this challenging hidden object quest. She is the only person of the crew who wasn't imprisoned in the spirit world. You must help her find cherished items in six picturesque locations in order to free everybody she loves. Collect normal items to find cherished items, searching for them over a pirate port, an island village, a grotto under the water and the decks of the Flying Dutchman. Use powerful tools such as the Crystal Orb, a trusty compass and the help of fellow prisoners to find hidden objects that are drifting between the two worlds. Remove the lingering curse and prove that true love can conquer all in this romantic adventure!
The game was originally developed for PC by Playrix Entertainment.
  Key Features:
  • 6 Gorgeous settings
  • 24 Challenging locations
  • Over 450 hidden objects
  • 90 cherished items to discover
Spirit of Wandering – The Legend is available for download on Kindle Fire and Google Play today. Gamers can try the game for free and unlock the full version through an in-app purchase for $4.99. The game is also available on iPhone and iPad.
Game trailers:
Spirit of Wandering – The Legend for Google Play
Spirit of Wandering – The Legend for Kindle Fire

Text to Speech (TTS) on the Kindle Fire

Text to Speech (TTS) on the Kindle Fire

Does kindle fire have text to speech ? No, they did have Text To Speed apps by default as the earlier Kindle ebook. But i found that you can play Text To Speech on Kindle Fire by install a third party software.  There is a cool  Kindle Fire Text to Speech app or Text To Speech (TTS) reader for your Kindle Fire tablet, i found one named is Cool Reader apps can play on android device and Kindle Fire as well. This is an third part software that allow you to read aloud your eBooks, your doc. document,.... With amazon books you need to do some remove DMR from the books and you do not have to root your Kindle Fire to read out loud word or text documents.
For how to do it you can see here
Download Cool Reader to run TTS on Kindle Fire

1) Hit the menu button
2) Choose “more”
3) Choose “read aloud”
4) Hit the forward control to start coolreader reading the text.
5) You can control volume and speed with the sliders.
 Coolreader will not start reading by itself. You have to give it a kick, using the instructions above.

Video of text to speech on kindle fire
Since I wrote this post I factory reset my kindle. Today, when I read your comment I redownloaded coolreader from the link in this post (check the sourceforge site for more currrent software). I downloaded what is posted here. Coolreader works. Make sure you do this … when you have the book open in coolreader… then you can play text to speech kindle fire  as well as any text to speech for kindle fire apps to read out your documents or ebooks

Text to Speech (TTS) on the Kindle Fire

Amazon's Kindle Fire shipments slump in Q1: IDC

(Reuters) - Amazon.com Inc's (AMZN.O) Kindle Fire was a popular gift item during the holiday season but shipments of the $199 tablet computer dropped sharply in the following months.
Market share of Kindle Fire, which was launched with much fanfare by Amazon in November, fell to about 4 percent in January-March period from 16.8 percent in the fourth quarter, according to research firm IDC.
"The tablet market in general has been very seasonal," Bob O'Donnell, IDC's program vice president, said. "At $199 it (Kindle) was much more of an impulse buy during the holidays. You don't get much of an impulse buy during Q1."
Consumer device giant Apple Inc (AAPL.O) remained in the No.1 spot, shipping 11.8 million tablets and increasing its global tablet market share to 68 percent last quarter from 54.7 percent in the December quarter.
Rival Samsung Electronics 005939.KS moved back into the No.2 spot, owing to weakness in Kindle Fire sales, followed by Lenovo in the fourth spot and Barnes & Noble (BKS.N) at No.5, the IDC said.
But overall, tablet shipments worldwide were a lower-than-expected 17.4 million units, representing a 1.2 million unit shortfall from IDC's projections as a steep drop in shipments of Android-based tablets offset Apple's strong sales in the quarter.
The total still represents a year-over-year growth rate of 120 percent, the IDC said.
The hotly contested and increasingly crowded tablet arena is expected to get more players in the coming months and years. Some industry executives say that sales of the mobile device will eat into personal computer sales and could even outsell them.
(Reporting By Poornima Gupta; Editing by Tim Dobbyn)

Find: Amazon's Kindle Fire now the #1 Android tablet with 54% of the android market

Ars Technica Data published by comScore shows that Amazon's Kindle Fire has emerged as the dominant Android-based tablet. At the end of February, the Kindle Fire accounted for 54 percent of all Android tablets. The next most popular Android tablet product line is Samsung's Galaxy Tab family, which dropped from 23 percent of Android tablets in December to 15 percent in February.
The success of the Fire is no surprise to those paying attention to the tablet market—as we wrote last year, there is healthy demand for a low-cost iPad alternative. Amazon can afford to offer the hardware at a lower price than its rivals because it can make up the difference in content sales. The key factors driving sales of the Fire are likely its low price point, the strength of the Kindle brand, and the breadth of the Amazon content ecosystem.

Amazon's Kindle Fire Sales Fizzle in 2012, Market Share Slips to Third

That Apple remains in first place in the tablet market comes as no surprise. IDC's latest research shows that in the first quarter of 2012, Amazon's once-hot Kindle Fire is struggling. According to IDC, Amazon's share dropped from nearly 17% of the tablet market to 4%, with fewer than 700,000 units sold compared to Apple's 11.8 million.
The inexpensive Kindle Fire took off when it was introduced in late 2011, giving Amazon 16.8% of the tablet market with 4.8 million shipments. Amazon's 7-inch tablet was the right product at the right price at the right time, that being the all-important holiday season. The Fire is an inexpensive tablet that offered many of the features that people want for less than half the price of an iPad. But the Fire didn't knock people's socks off, and many of the reviews were lukewarm, at best.

Amazon Still Trounces B&N

Apparently, the bloom is off the rose. Amazon's Q1 sales put it behind Samsung sales of Android tablets, but still comfortably ahead of Barnes & Noble's Nook tablets. Lenovo took the fourth slot, while B&N grabbed fifth place.
IDC predicts that Amazon will try to win back market share with the introduction of a "new larger-screened device... at a typically aggressive price point." IDC's Tom Mainelli, research director for IDC's Mobile Connected Devices group, also predicts Google will debut a tablet co-branded with ASUS.

Lessons Learned: Price Matters, to a Point

The lesson that Apple's tablet competitors should take from IDC's research is that price does drive sales - up to a point. The drop-off from the last quarter of 2011 to the first quarter of 2012 is far steeper than is easily explained by the end of holiday shopping. IDC had predicted overall tablet sales to be 1.2 million units higher than they were this quarter, with the shortfall mostly attributed to Amazon's slip.
Even though Apple introduced a new iPad this year, it's continuing to sell iPad 2s at a reduced price, fending off the cheap Android tablets and defending its market share while maintaining high margins on the rest of the iPad line. Apple owned 54.7% of the market in Q4 2011, and has bumped that figure back up to 68% in Q1 2012.
Tablet sales have grown 120% from last year, but were still lower than IDC's predictions. Whether tablet sales continue to slow in Q4 will be interesting to see.

Android Still Lags

Android vendor sales have not been able to catch up to iOS in the tablet market in the same way that they've been able to catch up with iOS phones. Despite two years and a slew of vendors chasing Apple's tail, Android has been able to glom on to only 32% of tablet sales in the last quarter. Android's fragmentation, poor customer reviews and pricing missteps have held it back.
It had looked like Amazon's Kindle Fire would be the breakout device for Android. And it was - briefly. But even Amazon's muscle and cut-rate pricing hasn't been enough to overtake the iPad.

Video review of Amazon kindle fire unboxing

Video review of Amazon kindle fire unboxing

First Kindle Fire Unboxing and Review - Awesome!! -$149 from BestBuy - HD First Kindle Fire Unboxing and Review - Awesome!! -$149 from BestBuy - HD Amazon Kindle Fire Unboxing with initial power on and setup. Kindle Fire! Top 8 Reasons Not To Buy. Amazon Kindle Fire Unboxing and First Impressions