How to transfer ebook into Kindle e-Ink through Wifi

How to transfer ebook into Kindle e-Ink through Wifi

1 . Send documet (ebook) into Kindle e-Ink

    You want to send personal documents to your Kindle from your PC .
    From Windows Explorer , simply click the left mouse select one file or multiple files and choose Send to Kindle .
    From any window of any application you can print , select Print and choose Send to Kindle ( PDF document attached to the original ) .
    Select Documents to download on Kindle Library , When you need to download them wherever and whenever .

2 . System requirements when installing software

    Computer with Intel or AMD chip 500MHz processor or higher
    At least 128MB of RAM
    The drive should install 100MB available hard disk space
    Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7

3 . The file format that you can send to .

    Microsoft Word ( . DOC )
    Microsoft Word ( . DOCX )
    TXT ( . TXT )
    RTF ( . RTF )
    JPEG ( . JPEG , . JPG )
    GIF ( . GIF )
    PNG ( . PNG )
    BMP ( . BMPs )
    PDF ( . PDF )

When sending PDF documents you need to keep in mind Cloud avoid is the scanned PDF file PDF files natively , without conversion errors can arise .

Note: file size must be less than 50MB submitted , and the number of files submitted must be less than 25 files per post .

4 . Software Installation and how to use .

Download at:

Choose the installation path for the program .

Click " Install " and wait to see notice board installed successfully .
 Click " Finish " to finish the installation process . You will see notice boards require a login account on Amazon .
You entered enough information on your Amazon account in the message frame . Click " Register" and then the doctor will see the following message frame .
Thus is has completed the installation and register with Amazon . When you want to send the document to amazon to convert , then you only need the mouse select the files you want to convert , then click to select the " Send to Kindle " as shown below :
If you have multiple devices in one account and then select the correct device wants to send offline. Press the "Send" button on the device and enjoy your Kindle .

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