Angry Birds devs reveal next game: Amazing Alex

Hot on the heels of its big franchise's 1 billionth download, Angry Birds developer Rovio is introducing its next title: "Amazing Alex." Rovio head Mikael Hed told Finnish television about the game, revealing it to be based on the recently acquired "Casey's Contraptions" property, previously owned by Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut.
The only information about Amazing Alex thus far identifies it as part education tool, part game, featuring a boy named – you guessed it – Alex, "who loves to build." If we're going by what we've seen in Casey's Contraptions, Amazing Alex will create Rube Goldberg-esque machines to complete a variety of objectives. Take a look for yourself (at Casey's Contraptions) just below the break.

Hed told the Finnish station that "quality pressure is high" internally for Rovio's next project, especially in light of recent Angry Birds milestones. "We want to maintain the high standard Angry Birds fans have come to enjoy." Platforms and a release date for Amazing Alex are currently unknown.

[Image above is of Casey's Contraptions, not Amazing Alex.]

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