Skylanders Cloud Patrol for Kindle Fire

Skylanders Cloud Patrol for Kindle Fire

Absolutely love this game! Many games like this force you to buy their in-game currency or suffer through a painfully tedious grind to earn more money so you can unlock power-ups, etc. Skylanders has enjoyable gameplay that doesn't feel like a pointless and repetitive grind just to upgrade your gear or purchase the next power-up. There are a wide variety of levels that are randomized each time you play, with each level getting progressively harder the further in to the game you get.

Playing through the game will always earn you more coins, these are used to upgrade any special abilities you have already unlocked. Every day the element of the day changes, if you play with a Skylander character whose elemental alignment matches the element of the day you will earn a 50% bonus to the coins you collect for each run. Although you need gems to unlock these other Skylanders, your can earn a lot of gems at a decent pace by shooting the floating presents during the game, and for completing the various objectives that help you level up. There are a ton of Skylanders to unlock, each with their own look and special ability that you'll enjoy working towards unlocking.

The "grind" for gems and coins in fun and the time spent in the game feels purposeful and rewarding. It's an easy game to recommend and will appeal to plenty of gamers -- if you think it looks like your kind of game, you're probably right. The price is well worth the value of this game.

"…another hit for the makers of the popular Skylanders…” – GeekDad
"Skylanders Cloud Patrol is so good we want to stop writing this review and play the rest of the morning." – Modojo


Join TRIGGER HAPPY and the rest of the SKYLANDERS as they patrol the Skylands for escaped trolls! Grab your favorite Skylander and take to the skies in your flying gunship to put those troublesome trolls in their place – Skylanders style.

Not familiar with Skylanders? No problem! Cloud Patrol is an easy to learn, action-packed game that everyone can enjoy.

And, Skylanders Cloud Patrol has full support for your existing Skylander collection! You can unlock any of the 30+ Skylanders figures you already own with your web code card to get a leg up on those nasty trolls.

  • Tap to shoot or slide your finger across targets creating amazing knock out combos
  • Score the highest combo per area to get more points and collect more loot.
  • Complete goals to level up and earn gems to unlock more Skylanders
  • Use tons of magic item boosts to help you power through your adventure.
  • Dominate the leaderboards and show your friends who rules the skies!

Download Skylanders Cloud Patrol for Kindle Fire HERE

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