Jeopardy HD for Kindle Fire

Jeopardy! HD for Kindle Fire

As a huge Jeopardy fan (including having tried out for the college tournament several years ago), I was pretty disappointed in this app because the answers are MULTIPLE CHOICE. This takes out much of the difficulty that Jeopardy is known for as you essentially have a 33.3% chance of getting a question correct just by guessing. Thus, I feel like I'm playing something more akin to Who Wants to be a Millionaire rather than classic Jeopardy.

However, I didn't have any problems with the interface itself (freezing, etc) as other people did on my KFire

Play America’s Favorite Quiz Show® anytime, anywhere.

In the new Jeopardy! HD game, you will feel like a real Jeopardy! contestant on America’s Favorite Quiz Show®. Test your knowledge in Single Player or compete in Pass & Play multiplayer with your family and friends. Use the touchscreen to write your name on the podium, pick categories and customize your own personal 3D avatar. Hear announcer Johnny Gilbert’s voice as you take the stage and test your knowledge on topics ranging from popular culture to world history. Featuring over 2700 clues from the Jeopardy! writers, the new Jeopardy! game optimized for Amazon Kindle Fire puts America’s Favorite Quiz Show® in your hands.

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