Troubleshooting Guide for Kindle Fire HD

Troubleshooting Guide for Kindle Fire HD

Although the Kindle Fire HD appears with a series of significant improvements compared to the previous generation , it still had some problems in the process of using specially after rom and rooting . Some common errors such as Kindle Fire HD is there is no response or the touch screen is locked , some battery issues , library books , .... Nothing to worry , most of these errors can be resolved without bringing the machine warranty .The 7 " Kindle Fire HD features a 1280 by 800 display and Dolby audio .Touchscreen pumpkin or no responseTouchscreen pumpkin or no response usually occurs due to low battery or operating system error .

There are several solutions to overcome as follows :

    Hold the button " Power " in the 30s until the plant ceased . This is the Kindle Fire HD measures forced off , although the screen can be continuously blink but do not panic , this does not do anything to damage your machine . 1 Wait a few minutes then turn it back on. If the Kindle Fire to your HD to work normally, it seems you have encountered a small bug with the OS and now everything is OK .
    Check the power source . If the battery is low , be forced to Kindle Fire HD off by holding the power and charger in a few hours . After Kindle Fire HD is at least 50 % battery then try using again.
    Finally, if your machine is still stubbornly refuses to normal operation , the problem seems to occur due to system errors . Please back up your entire personal data and follow the steps in the " Restore Factory Settings" to reset the default Kindle Fire HD original manufacturers .

The issue of books's library
    Some books can not be opened or not displayed correctly when you try to open them . If you encounter this situation , go ahead and remove that book from the device by a fingertip back into the book and select remove . Side can recover from the book that Amazon 's cloud services , or simply copy it .
    If a book is lost or corrupted page , this error is not due to Kindle Fire HD , but can a publisher or book format simply is not compatible with Kindle Fire HD .
    If you started reading the book other than where you marked earlier , it looks like someone has logged into your account and change something.

WiFi not working
First, this is often not the problem of the Kindle Fire HD hardware that 's the problem with the network setup mode . Try making some steps to resolve :

    Slide your finger across the screen from top to Kindle Fire HD menu to access the "Quick Settings" , then touch the " Wireless " settings to open the Wireless screen . Touch the " Off " mode of Airplane Mode to make sure Airplane Mode mode is turned off. If Airplane Mode mode is enabled , you can not access wifi .
    Make sure your WiFi is turned on and connected to a Wifi mangh certain . Be on the screen if you have Wifi exit. Tap the " ON " in the Wi- Fi section . Then select " Add Network " to see all the wireless networks in the area began songva select the network to connect . You may need to enter the network name and password to connect .
    Check that your wireless network signal is connected . The strength of the signal you are able to connect through Wi-Fi icon on the right corner of the screen . Make sure the signal is strong enough to connect .

Battery issues

    If the Kindle Fire is charging your HD , make sure that you are using the AC adapter that came with the device 's original equipment charger . While the device is connected to the computer , it will not be charged due to insufficient power supply . In addition , remember that if you use a 3rd party charger not Amazon , is not sure that the battery charger and works well .
    If the device is charging , make sure that you do not move out of range of Wi-Fi reception . Because when you are out of coverage Wifi and Wifi mode is turned on , your device will take more power to constantly trying to connect to wireless networks . If Wi-Fi is turned on and you are charging the best machine to turn it off to save battery power if you do not wish to use .
    Moving large amounts of content , watch videos , play games , surf the activities consume additional battery power for your devices . If you are transferring a large amount of data , please wait until all the data is transmitted / on and see the battery level display back to normal or not . In addition , there is no way to increase battery life while watching video or surfing the net .

HD Firmware Update
 Kindle FireFirmware update for the Kindle Fire HD if no other way solve the error you 're encountering . This is the last resort before restoring the original equipment manufacturer's xuat.Firmware updates can resolve system problems such as battery problems and can even increase a number of new features compared to old firmware . You can update the firmware as follows :

    Make sure you have a wireless connection and the battery is fully charged .
    Drag your finger down on the screen to open the Quick Settings .
    Tap on the " Sync . " If the firmware update is detected , it will download automatically while you are using the device . Firmware updates will be installed when you are not using the equipment and devices in sleep mode .

Restore Factory Settings
The large errors can sometimes be resolved by restoring the default Kindle Fire HD 's Manufacturer . This process will erase all data and information on the machine , then the time to recover as you peel it off hop.Cach restore as follows : Open the "Quick Menu Setting" by dragging from the top down .

    Tap the icon " More" .
    Select " Device . "
    Select " Reset to Factory Defaults . " The device will restart a few times before boot screen you saw the first time you use the machine . This process will take about 10-20 minutes , so be patient and wait .

Troubleshooting Guide for Kindle Fire HD

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