How to Install Dictionaries for Kindle Paper While

How to Install Dictionaries for Kindle Paper While

Kindle outside the reading feature is also integrated dictionary English - English , you can look from the right in the ebook reader or by direct access to the dictionary . Machine 2 is available in English dictionary is The New Oxford American Dictionary and Oxford Dictionary of English . Also you can add additional dictionaries and select factory default dictionary .

The default dictionary is the dictionary will be used when you look up while surfing the web or reading ebooks . If you choose Dictionary English - Vietnamese as default, when you will see from the English definition of it easily . First you have to install a dictionary in my Kindle . Here comes the download link of 4 dictionaries that her collection , you can easily find yourself the dictionary like that on Subtle or via Google :

  1.     Dictionary English - Vietnam 3.0
  2.     Dictionary English - Vietnamese synthesis
  3.     Oxford collocations dictionary
  4.     WordNet - 3.0

The operation to set the default dictionary for machine :

    Download the dictionary you need to , link above
    Copy to Kindle : Kindle when plugged into a computer usb , it will form , just drag and drop the file via Kindle 's dictionary this is . ( copied to the Documents folder on Kindle )
    In addition to the Home screen , press Menu and select Settings
    In Settings click Menu again and select add 1 Change Primary Dictionary
    List out the dictionary . Here he wrote themselves chose 3.0 as the default dictionary

Look up words :

    If you want a definition of that word , you use the 5 -way button to move the cursor to the word.
    Meaning of the word will be automatically displayed at the bottom of the page .
    Press enter if you want to see more detailed definitions .
    Click back to return to ebook reading .

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