The Complete Guide for Kindle Paper White ( jailbreak , read epub , pdf , .. )

The Complete Guide for Kindle Paper White ( jailbreak , read epub , pdf , .. )

- Jailbreak process machine :
Process is nothing complicated at all. References in .

After finishing JB will automatically create a file . Logs to record the results of the process plant JB not for errors . If the process is OK , then you can delete this file without any effect .
Video on the JB process as follows :

If you want to come back after the initial jailbreak for any reason such as warranty , then simply follow these steps :

1 . Device Reset ( restart another machine offline)
2 . Copy file update_kindle_x.xxbin ( on the home page Amazon Support ) in the original letter of kindle .
3 . In the settings , update your kindle .

The machine will return to the original as the original .

In fact JB is only open " back door " for us to install the utility was not released by Amazon . JB and JB is not no different from each other if you only need a normal reading .

- Video Machine after jailbreak : Note that the standby screen has changed a lot of beautiful wallpaper and not have to slide to unlock screen . When you press the power button on the machine is reading bad books straight .

- Read the file . Epub on Kindle :

Follow the instructions .

Dev user base of Cool Reader program is very popular on android devices for use on the Kindle . This process is simple but may have not been the first time , the second time to do new things OK .

Feel good use program that represents the header on the title, author name , date, time , % read , the battery capacity . The kindle reader software can not only notice the bottom line is this show or read this book how much time , this time temporarily after you read a few pages , the machine will record speed read and give your estimated time . A further point is part of the Cool Reader adjust light levels 0, when the screen backlight off really , not as kindle lights still dim . When exiting CoolReader Kindle's screen will turn off the backlight completely . Note the light is now at level 1 . If we reduce the 0 level or turn off the screen to dim kindle .
Video Use Cool Reader read epub file :

- Read the pdf on kindle :

Make sure everyone knows to read the file . Reading pdf on a huge setback when no zoom feature to enlarge the pages of a book , especially the books scanned from the original prints . Consequently format . Rarely used on the machine pdf reading , useful only when reading on the computer . Use k2pdfopt.exe software can overcome the above disadvantages . The program will remove all the white borders of pages , books transferred to column 1 column 2 .... and read some very good books downloaded from the site never previously read on the kindle . Reference Link :

- And some other gadgets like computers installed on the kindle , create screensavers for yourself , I have done on my machine . You find out okay . Software remove ads below the screen and backlight off completely understand but I'm not done yet . Will update as soon as feasible.

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