How to Launch Android Market From Kindle Fire

So now you know how to install Android Market and gain access to many more apps than you normally have with Kindle Fire. But what if you want to launch the Android Market directly from the Kindle Fire bookshelf?
Inside I’ll show you how to Launch Android Market directly from Kindle Fire’s UI…

Special thanks goes to munday from the XDA forums for creating this APK to launch the Market from Kindle Fire’s UI.

How to Launch Android Market from Kindle Fire

Note: You must already have Android Market installed on your device. This is basically just a shortcut to the already installed Market. If you don’t have Market installed, you will receive an error.
Step 1: Open a browser and download and install the MarketOpener.APK
Step 2: You should now see the MarketOpener in your carousel. Tap and hold on it and select save to favorites to save it in your bookshelf. Now you can launch Android Market directly from your Kindle Fire interface.

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