How to Capture Kindle Fire Screenshots

There’s been a lot of talk about how difficult Kindle Fire screenshots are to capture, but in reality, it really isn’t all that hard.

True, it’s a lot less simple than pressing the Home + Power button on an iOS device, but it’s not exactly rocket science either. Inside, I’ll show you how…

How to Capture Kindle Fire Screenshots

Note: You must have Android SDK installed, and have the Kindle Fire USB driver installed. See our rooting tutorial for more info. You don’t have to actually root, just install the drivers and SDK.

Step 1: Navigate to your Android SDK Directory via the CMD Prompt. (Start > Type ‘CMD’ press enter) My Android SDK directory is C:\Android, but yours may be different depending on where you installed the SDK.

Step 2: Once in the SDK directory, navigate to the tools directory (CD tools).

Step 3: Type: ddms to run the Dalvick Debug Monitor

Step 4: Make sure your Kindle Fire is plugged into your PC’s USB connection, and select your device.

Step 5: Go to the ‘Device’ menu and select ‘Screen capture…’ You can then rotate, refresh, and save screenshots from your Kindle Fire as PNG files.

Example of capture Kindle Fire Screenshot

How to Capture Kindle Fire Screenshots, Kindle Fire capture, Kindle Fire screenshot

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What other ways to screen capture with kindle fire you know?

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