How to remove items from Kindle Fire carousel?

Can I delete items from the carousel?

To delete web pages on the carousel, go to web-settings-clear history and clear cachet.
To delete a video from the carousel, go to settings- more-applications-Amazon video-clear data.
To clear apps from the carousel, go to settings- more- applications- filter by all apps-app manager-clear data.

if you really want something removed from your carousel you have to delete (or trash) it from both your Accounts' Media Library ( and your Kindle library at ( Then you must re-sync your Kindle Fire device using the gear Settings icon. Of course you won't be able to access the book after that, but this is the only way I got a title with a lurid cover off my carousel without having to download a bunch of new books to "push" it from the display.

Some peoples asked about the syncing.

In case you need to know, that's in the settings menu (gear icon).

If you did that already, then make sure the titles are actually trashed in the Media Library. If I am remembering these correction, I had to wait for a pop up box that asks for acknowledgement and it will go back to the first page of the book list after each trash. You have to check deletion boxes on the Manage Kindle list. Then re-sync the device.

This removed them from my device and carousel. Hope that helps! Note, Amazon says they are fixing this in the next software version - so they informed me when I complained. No date on when that is though.

To remove items from carousel just tap what you dont want and hold. then a little window pops up tap "delete" hope this helps.

EASY! Just touch the book you want to remove from the carousel and hold.
A menu pops up asking if you want to: Add to favorites or Remove from Carousel or Remove from Device.

Easy: Goto the settings and tap + more and scroll to device open and hit update if you are already runing the 6.2.1 then somthing is wrong

collected from amazon forum.

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