Kindle Fire 2 runs Ice Cream Sandwich

Kindle Fire 2 runs Ice Cream Sandwich

On the 6 September Amazon reveal their new generation of tablet, Kindle Fire 2 new release with power features and it is expected to be a direct competitor of mini ipad of Apple. At the moment there nothing can be sure but from the leaked information we can have a majors features of the new Kindle Fire 2 as :

There are 2 version of Kindle Fire 2 : 10 -inch and 7-inch Kindle Fire 2 tablet. They are expected to be lighter, slimmer and have long life battery.

People also believed that the 10 inch Kindle Fire 2 will have microUSB as well as HDMI out ports.
The front-facing camera will be equiped on 10 inch Kindle Fire 2. The 7-inch Kindle Fire is expected to have  1200 x 800 screen

Both of these amazon device are run a modification of android 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich so we can expect a lot of improvement featured will be equip on the new Kindle Fire.

Kindle ereader with paper white technology

At the same event on Santa Monica, California, Amazon will also introduce the first model of Amazon Smartphone and a new eReader Kindle Touch.

The new model of Kindle e reader will have a screen with better resolutions and contrast that use the Paperwhite technology and a very long batery ( 8 weeks  long )  

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Matt Logan said...

This amazing device is away just 1.12 hours US timing and Amazon will announce the new device with it's features.
You can create a customized Kindle covers for your Kindle Fire as well from this link

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