Amazon Smartphone Speccifications

Amazon Smartphone Specifications

In September 6, Amazon release a new first smartphone, this model is the first Amazon Smartphone in the global market, marked a first steps of the leading of content service provider to the global mobile market.

As the The Verge reveal the first smartphone generation of Amazon is equipped with the custom version of Android 4.0  Ice Cream Sandwich and use the map which bases on Nokia Maps's solution. At the moment, we still did not know exactly the features of amazon smartphone but we are looking for the specification soon release after mid night to day.
 Amazon smartphone (The Vegde)


We hope to see full advantaged features of Android 4.0 is employed on the new amazon smartphone, and it is believed that all apps, apps store, and content services will be implemented on amazon smartphone with the 3G connection.

On the other hand, Amazon may reduce minors feature on modification version of Android 4.0 as what they did with android version 2.1 on their famous Kindle Fire tablet.

With the properly prices, the Amazon Smartphone will be risen as a big competitors to all smartphone traditional manufactures as Samsung, Apple and Nokia. 

 It is also expected a good 4 inch screen display of amazon smartphone as all other e-reader tablets of Amazon and  the long life battery compare with other current smartphone on the market.

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