Skype apk Kindle Fire

Skype is a popular computer program that enables users to set up profiles, make free phone calls, chat, and video chat through their computer or mobile device from any point around the world. This free service functions through a “peer-to-peer” network, which allows individuals to communicate directly with each other rather than through a central server.

Skype apk is an android version that can play on almost popular android platform for tablet or mobile phone. Kindle Fire customized android operation system can install and play Skype apk smoothly, but because of lacking microphone, camera, skype on your kindle fire just can implement text based conversation, not video, audio conversion.

You could still use the text and receive video portions.

There is already proof that a headset with a microphone attachment can work on the kindle fire depending on the headset and app, so all that is necessary is a skype program written specifically for the kindle fire

Video chat requires two things that the Kindle Fire does not have at all:
A Camera
A Microphone
And one thing that makes video chat incredibly useful:
Data connection from any location. (Kindle Fire only has WiFi, no 3G or GPS)

Some kindle fire forums recently annouced that they can use a headphone as a microphone, but this is one way conversation and there are problems in audio transfer. We are looking for the next Kindle Fire 2 released with a microphone, webcam to use full skype features.

You've been asking us for it -- and now it's here. Skype is now available on a wide range of Android phones, so you can save money and stay in touch when you're out and about. Use Skype for Android Video Chat, to stay in touch with friends using Instant Messenger and to make cheap calls. Find out more about Skype for Android Phones now, visit

Download Skype apk for Kindle Fire

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Just tried the fix and it worked a a treat. I'd love to know what it is that I'm doing though. visit more info Skype Support and Call +1-800-231-4635 USA (Toll Free).

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