Kindle Fire Carousel Settings Problems and Solutions?

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So what is Carousel Menu on Kindle Fire : 

Carousel Menu is the default home screen of your Kindle Fire.  The Carousel view has become a pretty popular visualization for a list of items. the most recently items located in the beginning of the menu. Carousel concept. On Kindle Fire, items you’ve used recently are displayed here chronologically, with the most recent item you used on top. You can navigate through the menu in circular. You swipe through it to see a revolving display of recent books, music, videos, websites, docs, and apps.
You can swipe your finger to the right or left to flick through the Carousel contents. When you find an item you want to view or play, tap to open it.
Whatever you tap opens in the associated player or reader. Music will open in the Amazon MP3 music player; video in the Amazon Video player; and docs, books, and magazines in the Kindle e-reader

Where are Kindle Fire Carousel Settings

You can't change the Kindle Fire Carousel Setting on your Kindle Fire tablet but you can change it online on your Amazon account management.
You have to log into your Amazon account from your browser on your pc, goto account -> manage kindle. then customize what thing you want and turn on your Kindle Fire -> tap settings and tap Sync.

How to clear kindle fire carousel ?

 You have to log into your Amazon account on a pc, go to account, manage kindle, then find and delete the book/movie. Then on Kindle Fire, tap settings, sync. That removed the items from your  carousel. You can clear the memory of the movie on the Carousel. Try this...tap the bolt icon, then More, then Applications, sort by All applications, AppManager, Clear Data

 Deleting from the Carousel : Settings is a Gear icon in the upper right corner of your Home screen

To clear Videos:
Settings > More > Applications > Amazon Video > Clear Data

To clear Apps:
Settings > More > Applications > filter by All Applications > AppManager > Clear Data

To clear Web Pages:
Settings > More > Applications > Browser > Clear Data

In all cases, go back to the Home screen, click on one of the other tabs like books, and then back to Home, and it's gone. Deleting from the Carousel just removes videos, apps and web pages (not books) from the clutter of the Carousel. Videos and apps are still accessible via the Menu. Clearing the browser data, however, also clears your browsing history and any bookmarks that you've created. Since only the most recent web page is included in the Carousel, it may be best to leave it there. If you want more than one web page on your Home screen, you can put them in the Favorites section.

How to remove apps from kindle fire carousel ?

Go to the carousel, hover over what app you want to delete and a menu will appear, then choose remove item from carousel (the app item).

How to remove items from kindle fire carousel ? : 

It is so easy to remove an item from your Kindle Fire carousel menu, just tap on your item you want to remove and hold for seconds, the pop up menu will appear. Choose remove item from your device to completely remove it. Repeat this action with all items you want to remove.

How to remove books from kindle fire carousel :

Go to the carousel, hover over what you want to delete and a menu will appear, then choose remove item from carousel (the book item).

In this post, i try to find the best solutions from different internet sources and locate the best one  successful tested on my kindle fire as well as describe step by step as easy as possible for you :
If you want a better customization for your Default Home Screen there is an option to install go launcher ex apk androi application for your Kindle Fire

Source : Kindle Fire Carousel Settings Problems and Solutions

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