Kindle Fire 2 Specs Vs Nexus 7's?

Today's news come from an online portal in Hon Kong called Sina which speaks of the latest leaks that Amazon is being forced to publish due to the overwhelming rise and success of the new Google Nexus 7 tablet. I love Amazon and the kindles, but honestly even I am thinking of trading my stuff in for the Nexus 7 tablet which features the new Android Jelly Bean OS, a speedy 1.3 GHz processor and great integration into Google's app networks and other services. Even so, there is one major argument - it isn't as fun, as you will find much larger libraries of books, movies and music via Amazon than you ever will via Google Play and other alternatives Google has to offer. That being said I've thrown out some steam, so now I better get to the actual point of the article - the new Kindle Fire 2 specs!

I repeat: Marketing will have a huge impact on the sales, bigger than the actual specs of the devices!

New Feature: Kindle Fire 2 Metal Case Body?
 First of we will talk about quality and materiel. When you actually think about it, plastic isn't so bad. In fact there are many different forms of it and God knows what sorts of chemical and physical characteristics they can achieve. That being said, the same thing can be said about metal and bodies that use a metal case. The new Kindle Fire 2 will feature a metal case body and Amazon is turning away from plastic as a solution for the upcoming tablets. Since this is a trend on the market, it is expected and mandatory of Amazon to follow.

 Apart from the metal case, the Kindle Fire 2 will have a lowered thickness meaning the device will be much slimmer. But what's the hardware inside? I wonder...

Physical Volume Buttons and a Camera?
 The latest report from Digitimes and CNET is that the new Kindle Fire 2 is hitting the stores at the end of July with a higher resolution, physical volume buttons and a camera on the back which is still a bit unknown and new thing for us. We showed you the leaked images, so do you believe us now?

The Return of the "Hollywood" Tablet?
 This tablet that I am referring to is a rumor from later 2011 which says that the Kindle Fire 2 will feature a 10 inch model which will, due to its form of luxury in size, be named the Hollywood tablet. This is the type of rumor that didn't hold on for too long, yet today we are getting a reappearance of the story with some different details. The new device is supposed to come in three sizes/models and the best selling one will no doubt be the normal 7 inch one. The other two will be bigger and the biggest might actually be something close to a 10 inch tablet, though most sources (more reliable) are saying that 8.9 inches is the highest Amazon will go.
At least we can forget about the iPad as the competition...

Nexus 7 Sets the Bar!
 With the Google Nexus 7 tablet being too popular for Amazon's good, there are several issue Amazon will have to address very quickly in order to rain on the Nexus 7 parade and put their new device on top of the charts. There issues are:

    The Operating System
    The available media content
    The price of the tablet

  As for the first issue, the problem isn't just that the Nexus 7 is using the new Jelly Bean it is that this being an official Google device will have the benefits of getting all future updates first as well as other unique Nexus 7 only features. That is not something easy to combat, especially considering that Amazon uses  forked and modified versions of Android.

 Nonetheless, Amazon can easily make a new modified version of  the Android OS and make much faster, secure and improve the overall user experience and graphic design.

 As for number two, I don't need to remind you that ebooks, movies and music are one of the primary best-sellers from Amazon. Google can't offer as many different choices, but Amazon still has to lower some prices, at least for the new Kindle Fire 2 users by giving promo codes or gift cards. But that isn't everything! The Amazon Appstore really needs a makeover and more games would certainly be nice.

 This is a widely disused issue, but as long as they could keep it at $199 then there should be no problem.

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