Kindle Fire Case Review: M-Edge Incline Jacket for Kindle Fire Review

Compared to the M-Edge Trip Jacket, the Incline Jacket for the Kindle Fire looks more elegant and slimmer even though the measurements and weight are quite similar between the two jacket cases. The elegance comes from the microfiber leather exterior and the nicely form cut. But don't be fooled by its good looks, the M-Edge Incline Jacket is a sturdy and supple case that can protect your Kindle Fire tablet very well and includes a built-in stand. The case comes in four colors: black, red, purple and blue.


The M-Edge Incline Jacket is a portfolio style case. The right side of the case has a half-frame tablet pocket that holds the Kindle Fire securely in the case. It's easy to put the tablet in or take it out of the pocket. The front cover protects the tablet's screen and has a built-in magnet to keep the cover shut securely. The exterior of the Incline Jacket and the tablet pocket is made with microfiber leather that feels soft in hand. The grooves on the front cover are made with heavy duty nylon in matching color. Both front and back of the case have sturdy and stiff inserts to provide shock protection and protection against pokes and bumps in a bag.

As with the Trip Jacket, the Incline Jacket has a thick layer of soft microsuede lining that prevents any scratches to the tablet and provides additional shock protection. Strong stitching bind the layers together and the stitching also comes in matching color to the case's exterior color option. The case feels sturdy and solid yet looks slim.


The half-frame tablet pocket on the Incline Jacket is similar to the one on the Trip Jacket in design. It holds the Kindle Fire in a tight secure grip but has elastic pieces to also make it easy to slide the tablet in and out of the case. There is an improvement on the Incline Jacket's pocket, as it includes the speaker hole cutouts that Trip Jacket lacks. Thanks to these small cutout holes, the stereo speakers have full audio come through. The rest of the tablet holder functions very similarly as the half-frame mounting system leaves out the bottom power button and ports (sync/charge port and audio out) for easy access.

The M-Edge Incline Jacket has a built-in stand that can prop up the Kindle Fire in two viewing angles for media playback, video chats and using with a hardware keyboard. The stand on the Incline Jacket is simpler than the one on the Trip Jacket, and it's actually easier to use. Just flip the front cover back, and stand the tablet in its holder in one of the grooves in the front cover. The rigid frame of the Incline Jacket case makes it easy to plug the tablet into the groove and make the tablet stand steadily.


The M-Edge Incline Jacket case for the Kindle Fire is a good choice for those who are looking for a very protective case but not too rugged looking. The case has a solid build and sturdy body. It looks stylish and comes in four popular color choices. The case provides easy access to all ports and has cutouts for the speaker under the cover. The built-in stand works smoothly, and the magnetic cover is handy to keep the case shut. As with the Trip Jacket from M-Edge, the Incline Jacket adds 4.8 oz of weight to your tablet, but you get superb protection while keeping the tablet looking slim.

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