Amazon Kindle Fire 2; what are expected

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 is going to be a reality pretty soon. Here Abdul Vahid V discusses some great features that Kindle Fire fans want to see in their next gen tablet.
Amazon, the most successful tablet vendor after Apple last year, is rumored to launch an upgrade to its famous Kindle Fire tablet. Well, we are rumored to get a Kindle Fire 2 sometime this year. What things are we really expecting Amazon to add on new Kindle Fire? Let us go through some important features Kindle Fire owners wish to see on the device’s second edition.
Kindle Fire has become one of the most successful tablets in the market, not because it is a premium device like iPad. The 7-inch tablet from Amazon dominates the market mainly with its low price factor and its reader-friendly features. Here are a few rumored features expected to appear on the new Kindle Fire anyway.
Two versions: There is a strong rumor that Amazon will launch two versions of its new Kindle Fire; a 7-inch and a large 10-inch. One of web’s top tech rumor sites, the DigiTimes has firstly reported that Amazon was working on two models of Kindle Fire. To an extent it is a rational guesswork. Amazon planned a low-priced Kindle Fire when Apple iPad was the ruthless dominator of market. Right now, the situation has changed. Though Apple continues its supremacy, 10.1-inch tablet like Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus Transformer Prime and other are the shining stars of stores today. So we can’t tell Amazon won’t go ahead to launch a 10.1-inch cheap Kindle Fire.
Ice Cream Sandwich: Yes, it should be there. Amazon should launch its new Kindle Fire with the Ice Cream Sandwich. The current version of Kindle Fire runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The ICS is making rounds in tech markets today. Customers are passionately waiting for more tablets with ICS. A low-priced 7-inch or 10-inch ICS tablet from Amazon will again make the tablet market tumultuous.
More connectivity features: One of the biggest shortcomings of the Kindle Fire is that the device lacks enough connectivity features that a typical tablet should have. See, the Kindle doesn’t feature GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth. For connectivity, users depend only on the integrated Wi-Fi.
Camera and multimedia: As well, Amazon skipped both front and rear cameras on Kindle Fire. Of course, it is a tablet with major focus on reading and content consumption. It rocks a rich load of content from Amazon or other sources. But, the device should at least have a front camera, which will help users make video chats with their friends. A back camera is almost useless on a tablet like Kindle Fire, because most people who buy the device are avid readers.
Anyway, we know that Kindle Fire hasn’t been anything like Amazon’s Kindle eReaders. It is a semi-tablet with access to some multimedia features. However, it is not a complete tablet like an iPad or others. When upgrading the device, Amazon should consider adding even more multimedia features to the pack, though. It will make the device more rich and competitive device in shelves.
More memory: The original Kindle Fire has only 8GB of internal memory and no microSD slot. But, users can store much more data on Amazon’s cloud services. It is a nice thing; however, Amazon should either add more memory or put a microSD slot on the new Kindle Fire.
Quad core processor: Boy Genius Report sometime back reported that Kindle Fire is to mount a quad core processor. Amazon was “planning on releasing at least two before the end of the year… the big boy? That’s codenamed ‘Hollywood’ and will be based on the Nvidia Tegra 3 which will bring a screaming quad-core processor with a 500 percent performance increase,” BGR wrote. Sure the current Kindle Fire is a bit slow with its dual core 1GHz Cortex-A9 processor. If Amazon to mount a quad core processor, it would be a great thing. But, chance is less; because, Amazon more looks to sell its Kindle Fire for a small price.
It looks like that it is the right time for Amazon to launch a new version for its reader-friendly Kindle Fire. Amazon could sell 3.98 million units of the device in the last quarter of 2011 and the sales still goes on hot. With a new upgrade for the same affordable price, Amazon can again stand out in the tablet market, which has become more crowded with a huge variety of products from various tech makers

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