54% of Android Tablet, what next with Kindle Fire 2 realese?

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has taken 54.4% of the Android tablet market, leaving the number two in the category  Samsung Galaxy Tab in the dust, according to comScore.

The stats show the gadget’s market share has doubled over the last two months, while the Galaxy Tab’s share has now dropped from 23.8% to 15.4%.

The Motorola Xoom took third place, with 11.8% of the market in December now dropping to just 7%. Down at the bottom of the list, the Sony Tablet S controls 0.7% of the market, while the Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet and the Dell Streak control 1.2% and 1.3% respectively.

Amazon chief financial officer Tom Szkutak told analysts that media sales are up, particularly in North America, thanks in part to the Kindle Fire, which is sold exclusively in the U.S. "Customers are buying a lot of content," he said. "You're seeing that accelerate."

This is no small feat given the short time the Kindle Fire has been on sale, compared to all of the other tablets. Amazon must be feeling pretty smug, having doubled its market share in just the last two months.

The Kindle Fire tablet, released Nov. 15, was the company's best-selling item. It helped generate more revenue for Amazon from digital movies, books and other content. Tracking firm comScore said the tablet grabbed more than half the U.S. market for Android-based tablets in February.

While Andy Rubin may have dreamed of a far different size marketshare for Google’s Android platform by 2012, the Kindle Fire continues to make waves. The latest data from comScore shows that in February of 2012, the Kindle Fire made up 54.4 percent of the market in Android tablets. Those numbers were up from 41.8 percent in January and 29.4 percent in December. The Samsung Galaxy Tab family, which held 23.8 percent of the market in December, now ranks in a distant second at 15.4 percent. Every other major tablet group, with the exception of Asus’ Transformer and Lenovo’s IdeaPad Tablet K1, which held steady over 6 percent and 1 percent respectively, have lost marketshare over the same period.

The Kindle Fire is likely one of the top leaders in the tablet marketplace because of it’s unified “ecosystem” for content. Like the iPad, the Kindle offers a one-stop shop for all books, movies, music, storage, games and more. Amazon offers that in a way Google does not, at least not in the same capacity.

We are now looking for the big dominate andoid market with the launch of the new Kindle Fire 2 release next coming months

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