Kindle Fire HD being Hacked

Amazon Kindle fire HD being Hacked The Amazon Kindle fire HD tablet ships with a extremely bespoke version of Google mechanical man four.0 that’s tied to Amazon’s app, music, book, and video stores. The seven inch. Kindle fire HD includes a 1280 x 800 pel show and a lot of storage than the first Kindle fire... however not like the 2011 model, the new fire HD conjointly includes a latched boot loader.

That makes it more durable to exchange Amazon’s package with alternate in operation systems... tougher, however not not possible. Developer Hashcode has been acting on a technique for obtaining round the latched boot loader, and it\'s adore it could also be able to unharness to the general public shortly.

Amazon Kindle fire HD being Hacked

Hashcode’s tool is termed SafeStrap, and it essentially hijacks the bootloader method, permitting you to form a multi-boot system.

Instead of substitution the Kindle fire HD’s intrinsical OS and recovery tools, SafeStrap can allow you to install custom recovery (such as TWRP) and custom ROMs on a separate portion of the tablet’s storage. Then once you activate the tablet you’ll be ready to opt for that to run.

This should enable you to come back to the stock OS if something goes wrong, however it ought to pave the manner for developers to port CyanogenMod, AOKP, MIUI, and alternative in style custom ROMs to run on Amazon’s latest tablet.

Right now there aren’t any custom ROMs out there for the Kindle fire HD, and putting in any ROMs developed for the first fire or alternative devices might flip your pill into a useless brick. however the great news is that as shortly as Hashcode’s SafeStrap tool for the fire HD is accessible, you’ll be ready to to use it to form or restore a whole backup of your device. that ought to build future hacking efforts alittle safer.

Eventually the tool ought to conjointly work on the Kindle fire two, Amazon’s $159 tablet. we have a tendency to won’t acumen well it works on the coming eight.9 in. Kindle fire HD till Amazon begin shipping that tablet later this month.

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