Dolphin Browser Kindle Fire ( download dolphin browser hd apk for kindle fire )

Dolphin Browser Kindle Fire 

Dolphin Browser Kindle Fire is the best app I have found for web browsing on Android. I would be nice to see it officially come to the Kindle Fire with a Silk plugin to add some of the Silk features to Dolphin. I will say as a side note that the Kindle Fire is an Awesome Tablet!

The thing that this browser can do that impressed me was the ability to set up gesture movements for tasks. For a device with a captive screen like the Fire this may not really be that important but on a device with a resistive screen, my Creative Ziio, this feature is amazingly helpful. Resistive screens, for those who don't know, have a lack of support for multi-touch either at all or not very well when they appear to. Being able to use gestures allow me to zoom in and out quicker than it would be to get the (+) and (-) up.

Gestures are great (page forward, page backward, go to the top (or bottom) of page, refresh all with a gesture, you can even create a custom gesture to pull up a bookmarked webpage). The way it handles tabbed browsing is cleaner and more traditional. I like the way it handles bookmarks with a left slide.

I haven't even messed with addons much. I can see how it might not be as good on a phone (with the smaller screen size), but on a tablet (even a 7" tablet), it is 1000 times better than the stock browser. 
As my testing result, all flash site are work fine with Dolphin HD on Kindle Fire even some doe'snt work on the default Silk browser. I watched a long movie with great resolution on my Dolphin HD installed on my Kindle Fire that didn't work on Silk browser, i highly recommendation for Dolphin HD as a substitution for Silk on your Kindle Fire

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