Unfriendly skies for a Kindle owner

I am happy that Jennifer Clardy Chalmers got her teddy bear back after she left it on a flight from Texas to Louisiana [“iPad, come home,” Travel, April 8]. I was not as fortunate when I left my Kindle Fire in Seat 2F on United/Continental Flight 1080 on Feb. 12, from Newark to San Jose, Costa Rica. It was left where no one but an airline employee could have found it. There is no doubt in my mind that my loss was one of the unfortunate realities of “the staff member with sticky fingers”mentioned in the article.  The Kindle was labeled with my name and all my pertinent information. The airline, on which I am a frequent flier, had all my contact information. I filled out two claims forms and went twice to United’s lost-and-found, and yet United and Continental dismissed my claim, stating it was my responsibility to check to see if I had everything before deplaning. I was offered no remuneration or apology.


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