Pinterest for Kindle Fire ( android version )

Pinterest for Kindle Fire ( android version )

As we all know Pinterest has rised as a hottest media platform in 2012. The pinterest users had increased more than 400% in 3 months recently (as greenmobileinc stated) . It is one of the most expected applications for kindle fire, as our latest reports, a larger numbers of query related such as : pinterest and kindle fire, pinterest on kindle fire, pinterest for kindle fire,.. has risen recently. There also some fake kindle fire pinterest app appear in kindle fire app store. These fake apps harnessed annoyed Kindle Fire users by third party ads and not allow any PIN action.
After a lot of research, looking on  amazon appstore, google appstore and others online store for android, finally i found a good pinterest app for android now available for Kindle Fire users. Just note that Pinterest apps is not a  games for kindle fire, this is an apps for the kindle fire so you first download and tap to install it, then you can begin pinning your pics to share with other pinner as well as discover PIN by other pinners

There two version of Pinterest on tablet, they are pinterest app kindle fire and pinterest app for droid

Kindle Fire's android apps and "pinterest for android" Kindle Fire's android is an application can be from the "Pin It" of pinterest. Using the pinterest for android will be displayed "pinterest" When activated, please login.After logging in, access to your favorite sites through a search engine from the bookmark button at the top right.If there is any site anxious, please press the "Pin It!" Button on the left.The Pin, please select an image as well as the PC version of pinterest, you want to Pin to the board.When you press the "Pin It!" Button, so the PC display to display, please press the button to switch to the bottom of the screen smartphone After Pin. If there is a large picture on the site and there is a Youtube link does not work.Content rating: Everyone

Looking for Pinterest Android application? Download Now!

Here is the Pinterest application for Kindle Fire (android version) which had huge success in Android Market. 

or PinStar from Amazon
Pinterest for Kindle Fire & Pinterest Books and Apps collections
This is directly the .apk file so that you're free to use the Pinterest Android application as you want.

What's in this Android application for Pinterest: 
  • This is a mobile standalone app that is lighter and smoother than your browser. 
  • This application runs much faster than the mobile site of Pinterest. 
  • Download this Pinterest for Android and enjoy Pinterest fast and full screen.

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