How To Use Kindle Fire – 6 Simple Things To Start Off

So you got yourself Kindle Fire? Congratulations! But do you know how to use Kindle Fire? If no, a few tips will start you off. If YES fine, but may you also get something you may have missed along. In my view, you are now holding one of the best tablets on the market. Forget about iPad, the Fire is the real thing, and you will know that with time.

You now need to start taking advantage of your device. The first thing is to Set Up & Sync. After connecting the Fire to your Amazon account settings, you need to sync it to your existing services and media libraries.

The Fire lacks email client. To access email, your only option is to use the browser. However, you can download an email application for your device. There is a dedicated yahoo mail client which is for free. Assuming you are on Gmail, Hotmail and/or other providers, your best bet is Enhanced Mail, but you will have to pay around $10.

To make a calendar accessible to your device, there is an application called CalenGoo which you could purchase for around $6.0. The beauty of this application is that it syncs with Google calendar.

You can import your books from another application to your Fire. You do this by pulling Archives in your Kindle application. For a new Kindle reader, you can select and download free books for a start by selecting the store button.

You can get music on your devise by uploading you library to Amazon Cloud Drive first. From there, you can get your music in your Kindle Fire.

You also need to learn how to use Kindle Fire to download and pin application you designate as favorites. I am assuming that you are a cyber fan. There is lots of mouthwatering stuff you come along all the time. The temptation to download some is irresistible. If you always find yourself downloading applications, Kindle Fire makes it even easier. There are applications for games, news, entertainment, messengers, and others. Some of these are free, but others you need to pay. The important thing to remember is to check whether the applications have been formatted for smaller screens. Once you have downloaded the application you feel they are a must in optimizing your Kindle Fire experience, pin the ones you are likely to use most on the bottom carousel.

Heard of Amazon prime? It’s important in this guide on how to use the Fire. Well, Amazon offers lots of goodies with Amazon Prime. The first thing is to sign up. With Amazon prime, you get the following: free shipping for 2 days, access to their library on your Kindle, and you can borrow one book every month. The first month after signing up is free. Later, though, a subscription of $79 is required.

It is simple to start off your Kindle Fire by following the 6 tips given above.
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