Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Release Date & Specs Rumors for 2012 Continue

The new Amazon Kindle Fire 2 release date could be happening in the coming weeks. A recent report suggests that the model could be on sale in the UK as of spring 2012. However, there is no definitive answer right now, and that could be a problem in terms of competing with Apple.

With the Kindle Fire currently the only model available from Amazon, other companies are looking to muscle in on their territory. That includes Apple, as well as lesser known companies, meaning Amazon will need to introduce a newer model to continue gaining tablet market share. A new article at T3 Gadget Website says that there's no official UK release date set for the Kindle Fire 2 to hit stores. It would be the first version to arrive in the UK, though. However, this second generation of the device in the US will be Amazon's attempt to compete against the Apple iPad Mini that may be arriving to the market.

The report notes that a March 8 launch date had originally been scheduled for the new Kindle Fire 2, but that date has come and gone with no device launch. Previous speculation has been that this new version of the device will arrive before Christmas 2012, making it a top-selling product for the company.

As for Kindle Fire 2 specs, it's looking like the device could improve on its Silk web browser, possibly add some storage space (or a card slot), and add either 3G or 4G to make the item connect better. The current rumors suggest that there will be both a 7-inch and a 9-inch version of the new tablet from Amazon, with prices of $249 and $299 respectively.
The bottom lines here are that Amazon needs to keep up with the demands of tech-savvy customers, and seriously needs to get at least some version of the Kindle Fire overseas. Otherwise, it will continue to pale in comparison to the iPad which has dominated the market.

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