3 Simple Kindle Fire Tips & Tricks [VIDEO]

As Amazon's new Kindle Fire device continues to sell well, we've decided to provide new Kindle owners with some tips & tricks to get them started. The features of the Kindle, although the Fire is running a version of Google's Android operating system, may not be so obvious to new users. With that said, here are 3 easy tips every owner should know:

Tip One: Adding a password.

In the case that your Kindle Fire is ever stolen or lost, you want to always have your device secured with a lock screen password. To do this, tap the "Settings" icon at the top of the device. Then tap the "More" option and proceed to "Security." From "Security" go ahead and tap the "Lock Screen Password" on. You'll be asked to enter a password for your new Kindle. This password will now be required whenever you unlock your device. Sweet.

Tip Two: How to add to favorites.

We begin with the device's carousel. The carousel is the place on the Kindle home screen where everything like apps, books, and recent web pages are displayed. Below that are shelves for items you want to add to your favorites. To add something,"long press" the icon in the carousel and tap the "Add to Favorites" option. And there it is. To remove it, "long press" the icon on the shelve and tap the "Remove from Favorites" option. And there it goes. Simple right?

You can also rearrange your Kindle Fire icons. You do this by "tapping, holding and dragging" the icon wherever you want it to go. To completely remove an icon, "long press" and tap "Remove from Device."

Tip Three: Copy & Paste.

Finally, a quick Kindle tip on copy & paste. If you are using apps like Twitter or Facebook and want to include some text from another source, copying and pasting is your answer.

To copy and paste text, "long press" the word you wish to start with. Next, drag the markers (highlighted in orange) to fit around the text you want. When you've selected the area you want, tap it. It is now copied. To paste it, "long press" any text field (Facebook or Twitter status update box) and select "paste." Your finished.

There you have it, a few quick tips & tricks for the new Kindle Fire. There are numerous features of the Kindle, all of which can be found within the User's Guide. If you have any tips you'd like to share, please use the comments section below or tweet us your tip on Twitter @mackandbrown. Cheers.



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