Amazon has lost 50 USD on each Kindle Fire sold out

Analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray company identified the company's largest commercial online world has brought a tablet stronger than expected price 200 USD.

Generally, the production of a tablet is more than 300 USD (not including research fees, distribution and advertising ... which only cost components), in which each component as IPS screen, electronic sensors , chip, RAM ... have tens of dollars range. According to Apple Insider, expert reviews Munster Fire Kindle is not the enemy but comprehensive than iPad "competitive exceeded expectations thanks to cheap rates for a tablet using a dual-core chip."

Many industry experts also found that Amazon seems to focus product development for warehousing and business content that is less bulky that other companies in the world can compete. Their hard earned money from the sale of Kindle Fire, even every machine sold, Amazon is expected to hole 50 USD. But in return, the company will recoup 50 USD or more by selling books, applications, movies, music, documents and other items that Amazon already has extensive experience and has been particularly successful. CEO Jeff Bezos has long been famous for traditional ready to bear the losses in a short period to build the platform and collect huge profits in the long run. It is the risk that, this new billionaires of Cuban gained worldwide respect and observe the "Lord painted forest" on "Internet forests" (Amazon fire).

Kindle Fire with dual-core chip, scratch resistant screen ...
but the price is "shocked" while the tablet version of Wi-Fi (no 3G) on the market with a price range of 400 USD.

Analyst Michael Gartenberg of the Gartner research firm also believes in the success of the Kindle Fire (Kindle The Fire), at least because it does not make sense to copy it from iPad like many other manufacturers. However, he rated on Ars Technica: "The one who loses here is not Apple, but Google and the Android ecosystem. Although Kindle Fire run Android, the platform is less mentioned is absolutely no Google mention ". Android version of the Fire can not be customized to run Honeycomb and not buy the software from the Android Market store.

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